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*Most of these are now outdated as of July 2011. Will need to update at some point.*

Contact Tyler, Alvin, or Peter if you want other hints/tips posted.  So far, we've only got 7 of them. 

1)  To get the horse riding skill (assuming you are Alliance and at least level 40) the only riding instructor currently working is the one at the Eastvale Logging Camp in Elwynn Forest near Stormwind.  Apprentice riding skill costs 90 Gold.  Basic mounts cost 10 gold.  Ram riding can be purchased at Amberstill ranch, according to Chris.  It's between Ironforge and the North Pass.

2)  It appears leather no longer drops from monsters in the regular loot.  If you need leather, you're going to have to find a skinner and convince him/her to part with some.

3)  The threat system is now working - if you're playing in a group and don't want to be attacked by whatever monster it is you're fighting, make sure to do less damage/threat than the tank does.  Monsters will now attack whoever they perceive to be doing them the most harm.  Healing DOES cause threat, so priests need to beware when they get off those big heal spells.

4)  To find the Expert First Aid Trainer, Knut posted the following: 

This map is VERY accurate and led me right to him. He sold me the Expert level on First Aid as well as Heavy Silk Bandages and Mageweave Bandages. If you need these items, be in the level 30's, at least, and take 2 gold with you.

5)  Some nice websites for getting additional information about World of Warcraft are the following:

6)  Many, many more quests are working now than ever before.  Be sure to try old ones that didn't work as they may, in fact be working now.  As of 8-18-08, the escort quests still do not work.  I am not sure these will ever work in Mangos, actually.

7) If your looking for regular Pterrordax's in Ungoro Creator I have their spots marked on a map where I found the 4 I farmed. Let me know. Alvin.
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