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Following is a (hopefully) exhaustive list of what to bring:

WARNING!!!  You are not likely to have a flawless experience gaming if you show up to gameday with none of the games on your machine and just expect it to work.  To enhance the experience, you REALLY should have the games copied to your machine BEFORE gameday and test them.

Your computer tower/desktop/laptop.
Speakers, audio cable and power adapter
Keyboard & mouse
Power Cables
A 15' to 25' Network Cable (if you've got one)
Power Strip
Lots of Empty Hard Drive Space  (15 GB is good, more is better)
Mad Gaming Skillz
Some Food to Share

If you don't have one or more of the above items to bring, please post on the chat page for help along these lines.


PS.  Please set your computers to "Obtain an IP address automatically."

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