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Here is the link to our baby registry!

Babies "R" Us Registry # 45664291

Last Updated 07.08.10

This is a list of things we need to get for the kids. Sort of our "to do" list. If you want to help by purchasing something, that's great! And if you don't, that's fine, too.


By: Star Kids 1009981
Item #: 42117

By: JoJo Designs
Item #: 488622
By: Carters 1011192
Item #: 743278
By: JoJo Designs
Item #: 488656

Toys & More

By: Sleeping Partners
Item #: 107649
By: Little Tikes 1001284
Item #: 554860
By: Little Tikes 1001284
Item #: 347593

If you want to get something but are having trouble deciding what to get, gift cards are just as appreciated! Thank you for thinking of us.

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