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Name: Ogrepete
Subject: Re: Mailing List  Reply
Date: 08.28.08 07:02:28 AM

Who wants to be on the WoW mailing list (that isn't already on it)?

Name: Bobo
Subject: Mailing List  Reply
Date: 08.27.08 10:21:21 PM

WoW Mailing list is up and running. 

Name: Knut
Subject: Re: Re: Re: WoW Update  Reply
Date: 08.26.08 10:34:57 PM

October 9th isn't that far away, Pete. Hope you've got the crib all set up and all of that.

We get to find out what we're having on September 25th! Can't wait to finally know! Having fun posting guesses, though. Helps pass the time.

I think I'm free for Stromgarde Friday night (or Sat night). Thinking a Priest would be a good way to go since it's my warlock (or mage, I forget) that needs to go. I want to get started on Nathan's Halloween costume this weekend, too, but that's really the only other plans I've made. I already finished Ty's costume, so I've got some wiggle room in my schedule.

Name: Ogrepete
Subject: Re: Re: WoW Update  Reply
Date: 08.26.08 09:42:30 AM

I'll go to Stromgarde with you, Knut.  Would you rather I bring a priest or a mage?  Hope and Rilian are now the same level (for the moment). 

Also, probably best to schedule for a weekend.  I need to (but can't quite get myself to) stop playing during the week with the children in school and me needing to put in extra hours at work.  Oh, and our baby is due October 9th.  Can't quite believe it!

Name: Knut
Subject: Re: WoW Update  Reply
Date: 08.25.08 08:49:02 PM

I've only gotten as far as killing the murk things for oil. They're higher level than me and it was tiresome to keep killing them and not getting oil. Glad to hear you do eventually get oil. I'll have to try it again later sometime.

Is anybody, anywhere, interested in Stromgarde? Or should I just plan on going by myself?

In other news, Baby Perkins guessing game is a go.
Click here to play!

Name: Ogrepete
Subject: WoW Update  Reply
Date: 08.25.08 05:12:02 PM

Hi, all.

Was trying to finish a quest series last night in Theramore.  Someone in the city gives you a quest to swim out to the lighthouse.  I had done so, but hadn't been tough enough to kill the Young Murkers (sp??) swimming under the docks at Theramore until last night.  So I got the oil and took it out to the lighthouse.  She gave me a book, I gave the book to a fish vendor who sent me over to Nat's Landing.  Once I found Nat's Landing, he gave me some fish paste/bait to slather on myself and told me to swim over to a sunken ship.  Well, a shark is supposed to attack when you have the paste/bait on, but it never did.  Unfortunately that ended the quest chain prematurely.

Apparently, the last part of the quest chain is to defend the Theramore lighthouse from an oceanic monster.  You get some marksmen to help defend the lighthouse, but also some cannon you can fire at Tethyr (the oceanic monster).  Comments on said that this particular quest was among the most fun of all those people had done on World of Warcraft. 

Dagnab it!  I hope I can do it at some point in the future.

Name: Knut
Subject: TGIF!!!  Reply
Date: 08.21.08 10:15:14 PM

It's finally Friday!

It's been a long week.
Going a little crazy waiting for our next baby appt. Plus, Nate is teething again and that involves a lot of loooong days, and sometimes nights, too.

Tomorrow night (Friday) would be a good one for killing some things, yep. Still need to go to Stromgarde in the Refuge Pointe area.

In other news, we will be starting up the Guess Baby Perkins's Gender game again soon. Only about 6 weeks until we get to try to peek!

Name: Ogrepete
Subject: Re: Re: Monastery  Reply
Date: 08.19.08 11:06:27 AM

I found the first raid we did very, very thrilling (Blackfathom Deeps).  Gnomeregan was less fun.  I agree that if a 5-person group CAN do the job, why complicate matters.  However, for the very, very big jobs (fighting giants/dragons) where 10, 20, or even 40 people are needed, it just won't happen without raids.  Now, obviously, we don't have 40 people on the server, but we definitely have 10, and we could perhaps even get up to 15 or 20 active users who could all go on a raid to take down something big.  Until/unless the scripts/triggers for the big guys are written better, though, it won't be much fun.  Mekkatorque What'sHisName in Gnomeregan was a friggin' wimp.

Learning what works and what doesn't in a raid is good experience.  Raiding is not a crucial part of the WoW game, but in my opinion, it's a very, very exciting and potentially extremely rewarding part of the game.  Perhaps raiding is more relevant as an "end-game" task when we all have characters that are level 60/70/80 or wherever they take this thing.  Reading reports of successful (and unsuccessful) raids has really whetted my appetite.

The cross-faction grouping does cause problems at times.  Perhaps that could be turned off so we could start attacking each other?    Perhaps we just designate a "battlegrounds week/month" so we could all try the battlegrounds and see how well they are working.  Just some ideas I've come up with as I was typing this.  I haven't put a ton of thought into it.  It's been quite a while since Ty and I tried the battlegrounds, way back when (and he kicked my butt).

Name: Knut
Subject: Re: Monastery  Reply
Date: 08.18.08 01:26:16 PM

If it's a level 30's Horde quest place, Ty and I can go as horde. Are none of the rest of you Horde??? Doing cross-faction quests doesn't seem to work out very well...

I've not done the quests there before so I would have to find where to get them from and all of that...

I definitely don't want to do anymore raids. The exp and not being able to complete quests sucks (not to mention not being able to see the people in group 2 if you're group 1...). If it's a group of 5 or less, might be interested.

Name: Ogrepete
Subject: Re: First Aid books and other stuff  Reply
Date: 08.18.08 11:59:34 AM

I meant to write "guild vault" not "guilt vault" down below.

LOL    Just sleeping at the wheel here.

Alvin is suggesting we should plan a raid to the Scarlet Monastery.  As far as I know, it is a Horde dungeon, so there wouldn't be any quests we could do there.  The main draw (as I see it) is the totally neato stuff that drops there.

Anyone interested?

What night(s) would be best for such a thing?

Name: Ogrepete
Subject: First Aid books and other stuff  Reply
Date: 08.18.08 08:00:37 AM

Hey, Knut.

I think at some point I will need those books for Hope, but that point isn't quite yet.  I still need to train in lvl 34 spells and I just spent all my money on cooking and alchemy recipes. 

One thing I learned in Alchemy is how to make a trinket that gives +5 to Strength, Stamina, Intelligence, Agility and Spirit.  The materials looked somewhat difficult to gather, though.  If I can get hold of them, I'll start cranking out trinkets for folks.

We need a guild, if only so we can have a guilt vault.

Name: Alvin
Subject: Re: Updates  Reply
Date: 08.16.08 04:50:30 PM

will do.

Name: Tyler
Subject: Updates  Reply
Date: 08.16.08 04:15:36 PM

Time to update again.  2.4.3

Name: Knut
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Wow  Reply
Date: 08.15.08 04:39:34 PM

I hope the "attacking through walls thing" gets fixed. That'd be nice.

I'm not sure I like the cloaked things. They tend to all jump out and mob me, eek! It's neat having the game work more like it should, I guess, but now I have to be more careful wandering around.

Still need to hit Stromgarde sometime. Might be free tonight (assuming I am feeling better) or tomorrow night.

Anybody else need First Aid training books? I can pick some up while I'm there. They're about 1 gold each (and that's not me adding anything to the price, either. ). Pricey books, but worth it. You can learn Expert First Aid and Mageweave bandages, I believe.

Name: Ogrepete
Subject: Stranglethorn Vale last night  Reply
Date: 08.14.08 08:52:00 AM

Pretty interesting in Stranglethorn Vale last night.  I like the fact that the rogue-type of mobs now are cloaked until you get close enough that they de-cloak to attack.  We (Richard, Anna and I) went into the Kurzen compound and down into the cavern/cave thing.  A few times we came close to wiping, but managed to pull it off.  That thing gets tough pretty quickly!

After about 11:00, Richard and Anna got off and I tried to finish up the quest for killing 15 Kurzen Jungle Fighters.  Oh My Gosh....

I died many times and never did finish the quest.    Those medicine men were pounding me!  They were getting crits for 120 on me left and right.  Anytime I got jumped by two or more I had to run.  Sometimes I even died with just one stupid guy on me.  Lame.  I've got to beef myself up before going back in there solo.

Leveling a priest is harder, I think, than leveling my hunter or my paladin, or even my mage was.

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