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Name: Ogrepete
Subject: Barack Obama  Reply
Date: 01.28.08 12:50:07 PM

Rush Limbaugh (yeah, I know...) is reporting that Barack Obama is going to come out in favor of drivers' licenses for illegal aliens.  If he does indeed do that, I will like him less.

Name: Ogrepete
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Voting  Reply
Date: 01.28.08 08:29:28 AM

Rather than polls you cite, Jessi, those are actual delegates the different candidates have secured to vote for them in the Democratic/Republican Party Convention.  Tomorrow, there are 57 more delegates (winner-take-all) in the Florida Republican Primary.  On Super Tuesday (a week after tomorrow), there are a ton more delegates that will be awarded (somewhere in the 1,000 range?).  We're just getting started, but I'm glad to see Romney is ahead.

Name: Knut
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Voting  Reply
Date: 01.26.08 09:56:45 PM

As of today, Obama is leading Clinton 63 to 48! Yay!

In Republican polls, Mike Huckabee has overtaken John McCain, which surprises me, and he is almost tied up to Mitt Romney now, too! Romney 59, Huckabee 40 and McCain 36. Going to be a close race now.

As for Huckabee & Clinton, I hope they do not win.

Name: Jodi
Subject: Re: Re: Voting  Reply
Date: 01.25.08 06:00:48 PM

I don't think that Gender, Ethnicity, or Religion should matter, but sadly to a lot of people it does

My mom is happy that I am able to vote this year, she has been making me read about the Election for School

Name: Knut
Subject: Re: Voting  Reply
Date: 01.25.08 05:07:40 PM

I was already at the court house to renew the registration on the Beetle. Figured I might as well vote so I don't have to come back. lol

As for Obama vs Clinton, I think if anyone can beat her, it will be him. I'm still holding out hope that he comes out on top. It's been a close race so far. I really just don't want her having even a small chance of actually becoming President.

I think a lot of ignorant people will vote for her just because she's a woman, and that is disappointing. I've seen a lot of posts on online message boards about voting for Hillary so we can "get a woman in the White House". Just retarded. I don't think your gender qualifies you for a job, but that's just me! I'd rather have the best PERSON for the job, regardless of gender...

Name: Ogrepete
Subject: Voting  Reply
Date: 01.25.08 03:16:12 PM

We can do early voting in our city hall here in Sandy.  I might do it, but I'll probably just wait for February 5th.  I like the excitement of being in a crowd doing my civic duty. 

Name: Ogrepete
Subject: Presidential Election  Reply
Date: 01.25.08 03:14:57 PM

I was actually quite surprised to see both Obama and Clinton ads running yesterday and this morning on TV.  Must be a serious race if they are both advertising in Utah, of all places.  Usually, no one ever advertises here because they feel it's a waste of money (especially the Democratic candidates).

While I agree that Hillary must be stopped, I don't know if Obama can do it.  She's got such a huge lead everwhere outside the South and Illinois, it seems.  Also, with the recent "race-baiting", it might turn into a black vs. white thing, which would definitely not be good for our country.

We are much stronger when we are united in truth.

Name: Jodi
Subject: Re: Upcoming Presidential Election  Reply
Date: 01.25.08 01:31:25 PM

If Hillary wins, I will cry with you Jessi.

Name: Knut
Subject: Re: wow!!!!!!!!!!!  Reply
Date: 01.25.08 01:12:50 PM

Um, no, I don't really play anymore. Just never have the time since Nate is such a busy baby...and the few times I've signed on, I'm the only one on, which is boring. I'm a social creature.

Name: Knut
Subject: Re: Upcoming Presidential Election  Reply
Date: 01.25.08 01:10:31 PM

Acutally, Pete, here in Tooele you can vote early down at the courthouse. I voted yesterday. Got a sticker that says "I Voted!" and everything!

Obama is still leading Hillary (as of yesterday when I checked), but it's only by a slight margin. If she wins, I just might cry.

To be on the safe side of things, I chose a Democrat AND a Republican. While you can only vote for one, if the one I am partial to does not make it into the final election, I have a "spare"

My final choice is between Obama and Romney, also, Jodi. As long as one of those two wins, I feel like the government will be in better shape. Too bad there wasn't a "ship all illegals home" candidate, because I would have been 100% behind that one.

Name: Ogrepete
Subject: Upcoming Presidential Election  Reply
Date: 01.24.08 11:30:05 AM

Obama sure has made a good case for the Democratic nomination, but I'm thinking HIllary will blow him away come Super Tuesday, unfortunately.  We (all of us 18 or older in the state of Utah) get to vote in either the Republican or Democratic Primary on Tuesday, February 5th (also known as Super Tuesday). 

I'm not sure on the rules, but from memory, I believe that the Republican Primary is closed (only registered Republicans can vote), while the Democratic Primary is open (any registered voter can vote).  Most important is for all of you (me included) to figure out who best represents your views and vote for that person. 

Name: Jodi
Subject: Re: Re: wow!!!!!!!!!!!  Reply
Date: 01.23.08 04:07:18 PM

It has been a few crazy months for me, although I do miss playing wow I just don't have the time anymore.
 and as for the Presidential election coming up (seeing as I am old enough to vote now) I am leaning between Romney, and Obama, have not decided yet.

Name: Ogrepete
Subject: Re: wow!!!!!!!!!!!  Reply
Date: 01.23.08 03:25:53 PM

Hi, Karrin,

I admit that my passion for WoW has cooled considerably.  It's just been too hard to get a group together, and has gotten no fun to play by myself. 

I've taken to reading political news on the upcoming presidential election instead.  Here's hoping Romney can pull it off!  

Name: Karrin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Subject: wow!!!!!!!!!!!  Reply
Date: 01.22.08 10:10:21 AM

do you still play wow anyone other than my daddio????

Name: Ogrepete
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Dental Appointments  Reply
Date: 01.16.08 12:52:05 PM


The sawing and stuff makes me cringe as well.  I went in for some dental work yesterday, but nothing like that.  I had wisdom tooth removed my junior/senior year in high school and I remember everything tasted like blood for several days.

I hope you're healing well. 

I, too, missed the Tooele gang.  I didn't get to spend as much time gaming as I'd have liked, but some is better than none. 

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