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Name: Ogrepete
Subject: Re: Re: Wow - Recently  Reply
Date: 08.11.08 11:32:53 AM

Tyler says the "attacking through walls" thing is solved by compiling the "VMaps" which takes quite a long time, so he skipped it last time.  Saturday night, Ty told me he is compiling it as well as compiling the latest Mangos updates.

Not sure what will be included in the updates, but it should be interesting!

Name: Knut
Subject: Re: Wow - Recently  Reply
Date: 08.07.08 10:30:15 PM

Tyler and I were on tonight. We noticed the being attacked through walls thing. Definitely an annoyance. Not sure when that will be fixed in an update. Hopefully it's on the priority list.


Noticed a lot of new names on last night as well. Might be helpful to know who is who and get acquainted and all of that. I'm particularly interested in who Twixy is, although I've got a good idea who it is.


For future reference, if ANY of you start messaging people rudely on WoW, you can and WILL be muted. If you can't mind your manners and play nice, you don't need to be on the server.  

I'm guessing if the person in question had any idea that it was Tyler and I that they were speaking to, this might not have happened, but I'm grateful that it did. Now I know what some people really act like when they don't know who the "newbie" is. I'm extremely disappointed that this is how people are being greeted on our server. It had better not happen again. Period. Muting will be the least of your concerns if it does.


Name: Ogrepete
Subject: Wow - Recently  Reply
Date: 08.05.08 09:19:02 AM

With the addition of the Morris family and the Hirschi boys, there have been lots more participants in WoW recently.

One person I've been missing has been Chris.  Haven't seen him in quite a while online. 

Richard, Anna, Alvin and I hit the Deadmines last weekend for another try at it.  We made it to the end and fought Van Cleef, but died.  He and a bunch of his buddies jumped us as we were just going up the ramp to the highest deck.  Surprised the heck out of us and kicked our collective heinees.  

We only made it through to the ship because we teleported Sturm in with a blacksmith key.  We weren't able to get the cannon to fire to blow the final gate open, so the other options were to bring an engineer (seaforium charge or better) or a blacksmith (silver key or better).  Despite that silly delay, it was quite fun and really tested us. 

Richard (warrior) is the Main Tank, though Alvin (druid) also tanked at times.  Anna (warlock) kicks the crap out of everyone with her insane DPS and I (priest) took the main healing duties.  Alvin also joined in the healing at times.  I look forward to trying another dungeon together at some point and am hopeful we can do a 10-person dungeon with all our friends/allies at some point. 

One main problem.  The Line of Sight issue is back.  I remember that being patched in Mangos, but it is no longer fixed.    I wonder if it's being addressed again???  It really sucks to walk next to a wall and have five guys jump you THROUGH THE WALL!!!

Name: Ogrepete
Subject: Re: Game Day?  Reply
Date: 07.29.08 10:03:27 AM

Hi, Knut.

I haven't made any plans with anyone for a gameday.  I know our air conditioning has been working well, though.    With Mary Ann due to deliver in October, this might be the last hurrah for a while for me.

On another note, Richard and Anna and I went into DeadMines last night.  It sure has changed!  No elites until after the portal.  We died in the 2nd chamber after the portal, but it was midnight and a good time to get off, anyhow.

Name: Knut
Subject: Game Day?  Reply
Date: 07.25.08 10:38:33 AM

I was wondering if anyone had started planning another Game Day yet. Of course, if it's a summertime Game Day, whoever hosts should have really nice A/C .

Anyhoo. Just hadn't heard anything about possible Game Days in awhile and figured I'd ask.

Name: Knut
Subject: Vampire Game  Reply
Date: 07.20.08 09:46:17 PM

Katie sent me this game so I am trying it out. If you want to try it, too, feel free to sign up - it's free.

Name: Ogrepete
Subject: Re: Chat Format  Reply
Date: 07.14.08 12:32:28 PM

Looks great, Jessi.  Thanks. 

Name: Knut
Subject: Chat Format  Reply
Date: 07.11.08 10:33:02 PM

I changed a few things on the chat to make it more aesthetically pleasing (more pretty!). Most notably the spacing around the messages and the bolding of the names and whatnot.


- Knut -

Name: Knut
Subject: Re: 5-player dungeons  Reply
Date: 07.10.08 10:21:34 AM

Tyler, Kate and I did the Stockade while she was here. We're all between 25-30, so that is fairly low-level. I know Deadmines is even lower than that. And Gnomeregan is pretty close, too. Not sure what other low-level ones there might be.

Name: Ogrepete
Subject: 5-player dungeons  Reply
Date: 07.02.08 08:40:13 AM

Anyone know which 5-player dungeon requires the lowest-level characters?  It seems there are 3 of them, and I'd love to try one with a group at some point in the near future.

If anyone can come up with details, let's get ready to make an assault! 

Name: Jodi
Subject: Re: WOW last night  Reply
Date: 06.27.08 07:22:16 PM

Yes it sure was fun! it was nice to play again, and even more nice to have others on to play with

Name: Ogrepete
Subject: WOW last night  Reply
Date: 06.26.08 01:08:53 PM

Sure was fun to adventure through Stranglethorn Vale with Ty, Jessi, Katie, and Jodi last night.  I blew off some things I should have done, unfortunately, but it was quite fun. 

Name: Ogrepete
Subject: Re: Gameday  Reply
Date: 06.16.08 12:40:37 PM

Gameday was very, very fun.  Neil sounds like he desperately wants to practice the games before next time.  Perhaps we'll have some mini-gamedays at my place.  Or maybe we'll call them "practice sessions." 

Sure was nice and cool at your place on Saturday, James.  Thanks again for hosting to you, Jen and Mary.  It was very, very fun.

Name: Alvin
Subject: Gameday  Reply
Date: 06.16.08 09:16:06 AM

James, Thanks for hosting, we had a good time. I cant believe your daughter is so big and talking allready. time sure goes by quick.

awsome food everyone. cept Androo,.

My talk in church the next day went well, I had put it off until after gameday so it was a good thing I had some time to work on it. Chirs, how did yours go?

Happy fathers day everyone.

Name: james cosman
Subject: contact number  Reply
Date: 06.14.08 08:49:31 AM

Just so if you need more specific directions...(even if they are late) 5977 South Dewdrops dr. (5515 W) in Kearns. if any questions.

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