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Name: Tyler
Subject: Games  Reply
Date: 07.20.06 03:20:21 PM

  I hear battle field calling my name

Name: Tyler
Subject: Weekend  Reply
Date: 07.20.06 01:37:02 PM

its almost the weekend. 

Name: Peter
Subject: Guest Book Fix  Reply
Date: 07.20.06 10:35:56 AM

Change spotted.

Nice, Tyler.

Name: Tyler
Subject: Peter  Reply
Date: 07.20.06 09:52:18 AM

is not on MSN.

Attempted to fix the guest book. Have a look and see if you
can spot the fix. I can think of many ways around it but
lets see if the bots can

Name: Peter
Subject: Eep Messages  Reply
Date: 07.20.06 09:20:15 AM

Man I hate those... Kinda hard to see what can be done
about it, though. Probably nothing. :(

Eight Days!!! I can't wait. for the next twenty minutes as Peter daydreams about the
upcoming gameday>

Name: Tyler
Subject: Pete  Reply
Date: 07.19.06 08:28:11 PM

Pete is a good site mod. Even though Eep will come back,
he cleans up the messages.

I would offer you a Twist Up(Lemon Lime) But you are not
online.... and it is a long distance to throw it and I
throw like a girl.

Name: Peter
Subject: LilSis "Wanted" Poster  Reply
Date: 07.19.06 08:17:52 AM

Very nicely done, Alvin. :-)

I keep wanting to log in every time I sit in front of the
computer at home...

Name: Tyler
Subject: Fire Horse  Reply
Date: 07.18.06 08:53:59 PM

She says not very much. somewhere around 40 silver

Name: Peter
Subject: Fire Horse  Reply
Date: 07.18.06 07:57:49 PM

I want to know what it costs you to get the horse... Does
it cost 80 Gold, like flesh and blood horses do?

Name: Alvin
Subject: Movies needed.  Reply
Date: 07.18.06 07:49:55 PM

Nice pics Mara, but we need more movies.

Let me know if there is limited space Ty.

Name: Alvin
Subject: It is Tuesday allready.  Reply
Date: 07.18.06 07:41:54 PM

Wow, time flies. even when your not wowing.

Name: Peter
Subject: Non-Wowing  Reply
Date: 07.17.06 08:05:41 PM

Hi, All.

Yes, I have resisted the temptation to WoW so far.
However, I did give in to the temptation over the weekend
to kill. Picked up a game of Civilization 3 I had ignored
since discovering World of Warcraft. I'm playing the USA
in a World War 2 scenario. So far, I've stymied the
Japanese who keep trying to take the Phillipines. I've
whacked every convoy they sent so far. Killed innumerable
Destroyers and troop transports (with troops aboard, I
imagine). Also got their escorts, the heavy cruisers and
battleships. I landed on Sicily (Italian island just off
the toe of the boot that happens to be connected to the
boot in this scenario) and just about took the island when
German armor showed up and whacked me, but good. I think
they sent something like twenty tank divisions. I was

Note to self: no more landing where the Germany army can
attack you.

I've been disconnected from the internet at work while we
move buildings - it's only about ten blocks away, but it's
taking a lot of effort. Tomorrow is the last day I get to
wear jeans to work for a while. :-(

Ogrepete aka Peter

Name: Alvin
Subject: Um, notice the time of post.  Reply
Date: 07.17.06 02:11:10 AM

Something woke me up from a sound sleep and told me it was
no longer Sunday..

HMMMmmm, addicted? YES.

Thank you for someone else posting, I was going to call
this the Alvin talking to himself page. or Alvin's late
night ramblings. I am glad I have to work this week or I
just might give in. I do admit to checking the page to see
if anyone is logged in and what level and where they are.

and I can answer the question, where is your character at
right now? LilSis is in booty bay, at the airport, cant
tell you what it is named, but she is facing north. Tyler
had just helped me find the correct flight person, I was
trying to link the horde flight person with my alliance one
and was wondering why it said I had no flight paths linked
to that one.

as far as horde characters, I think the only way for me to
have one is if Ty figures out how to import characters and
pulls my Terran character from my old server.

Name: Knutfugget
Subject: WoW  Reply
Date: 07.16.06 10:03:27 PM

I have seen more people on than Tyler has, but there are
certainly less logins than usual. I guess it's because the
only other person quite as addicted as I am has been
Alvin...and now he is gone. But I've seen Neil and Paul on a
lot more lately, so I'm not all alone out there.

Becoming Horde has been interesting. It will be more so when
I can start the first war. I am only level 20, so I can't
attack many of the Alliance players just yet, but your day
is coming! If any of you are around level 20-ish mage, feel
free to start some warring my way. It will make things more
fun >=D.

I also encourage more of you to have a Horde character. We
need to have some evil out there to even things out instead
of just high-level Alliance guys. I have the level 20 Undead
and also a level 5 Troll if you are looking to have someone
to level with. It's neat to try the different races. A tip
for all of you would-be Horde, if you are looking for fast
leveling, DO NOT GO TROLL. Very few quests so far and it's
not looking up in the next town over, either.

Anyway, that is about it for my updates. The real, cleaning. What else? =P Hope to see you all back
on WoW soon!

Name: Tyler
Subject: Alvins Thoughts  Reply
Date: 07.16.06 09:49:09 PM

(Going along with the story)

Yes Bobo's world is starting to turn out Evil. When Peeps
run for horror as they enter my carnival fun land they run
screaming because of all the clowns(bobo) and evil

Yes gameday will be good. I should have UT working for
Leesa as well - will be the first game of the day.

For the past week when I log into warcraft 1 out of 10 times
did I find someone else on there. When you (Pete & Alvin)
return I encourage you to bring life back to the server.
Its a GIANT world and whispering to my self is creepy.

Less than 2 weeks!

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