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Name: Knut
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Dental Appointments  Reply
Date: 01.14.08 01:00:43 PM

I did miss the usual chorus of "dang it, Knut!", but there is always next time. And I did get to hear it from Ty a couple times when he was red and I was blue. Too bad it hurts to smile all evil like right now.

Name: Alvin
Subject: Re: Re: Dental Appointments  Reply
Date: 01.14.08 09:57:27 AM

The snapping and sawing. eww. I can just imagine.

Made me cringe.

glad you could kill me from tooele though.
although it was agravating not having you physically there and able to yell at you for killing me multiple times in a row.

Name: Knutfugget
Subject: Re: Dental Appointments  Reply
Date: 01.13.08 08:54:48 PM

Thanks, Pete, but it was less pulling and more oral surgery. I had my wisdom teeth out and they were "attached to my jaw bone" as I understand it. Couldn't be pulled because of location, so they had to be surgically extracted. I wasn't put under for this and was pretty grossed out by the horrible snapping and sawing sounds that went on.

Feeling VERY sore and tired, but things went well, according to the dentist. Hoping to have the stitches removed in a week or so.

Should be able to attend the next Game Day, whenever that may be.

Name: Ogrepete
Subject: Dental Appointments  Reply
Date: 01.08.08 02:53:57 PM

A little birdie tells me someone might be having some teeth pulled on Friday...  Best of luck with that.  As I recall, it takes some time before feeling strong enough to do much after a teeth pulling session.  If you're not feeling well enough to do it, I certainly understand. 

Good luck with the teeth pull, Jessi.

  This might be what you're feeling like afterwards.

Name: Alvin
Subject: Re: Gameday at Pete's  Reply
Date: 01.08.08 09:42:23 AM

We will be there like a pack of elders on moving day.

also, congrats to Androo for propagating.

Love ya, mean it.

Name: Ogrepete
Subject: Gameday at Pete's  Reply
Date: 01.07.08 09:28:48 AM

It's this Saturday (the 12th of January).  Sorry about the somewhat late notice.  I hope you can all make it, though! 

Name: Knut
Subject: Re: Gameday & Stuff  Reply
Date: 01.04.08 09:16:59 PM

I *think* Tyler said he heard it was the 12th...but that's second (or third) hand information and could be completely wrong.

Don't know how many of you heard, but Andrew had a baby girl this week (January 2nd, I believe)! They named her Julee. That's all I know, but anyway, congrats Mr. Roo!

Name: Jodi - Butter
Subject: Re: Re: Mini Game Day  Reply
Date: 12.22.07 07:23:05 PM

Mini Game Day was so fun, glad I could make it=P.

On another note, I just talked to George and he wants to go to the next Game Day, Last I heard it was going to be in Jan. but I need to know when, any ideas?

Name: Knutfugget
Subject: Re: Mini Game Day  Reply
Date: 12.18.07 10:57:13 AM

Thanks for coming. It was fun to show Kate the games. She is now very much addicted to Battlefield. And Andrew needs to teach me to fly helicopters. I can fly, but can't land except for one time...usually I jump out and it goes crashing down.

All in all it was pretty fun. Could have done without the complaining and being rude to my friends by a certain person, but that happens EVERY time.

I honestly don't think it's asking too much to just enjoy yourself and not be rude to the other people playing...Much less subtle than last time, but hopefully I am getting the point across better.
Anyway. I hope the next Game Day will be just as fun, but better.

Name: Knutfugget
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Succubus - Alliance  Reply
Date: 12.11.07 10:58:02 AM

I'm not sure there is a way around the broken quest, but I will have to look into it if it isn't fixed soon. I'm now high enough level for the next summoned creature and still no succubus.

I didn't realize Leesa was out and about again, congrats!

As for the mini-Game Day, still on. So far it looks like it will be me, Ty, Jodi and Andrew playing with Kate. It'll be nice if we can get a few more people, but a small group is fine. Kate has never done the whole LAN thing and won't know the difference.

Name: Alvin
Subject: Re: Re: Succubus - Alliance  Reply
Date: 12.10.07 08:16:43 PM

Only bus action I seen is in FlatOut2. sorry.

is that something u can learn, sence it is broken?

Leesa is performing on Saturday. Sorry, but welcome to Utah Kate.

Name: Ogrepete
Subject: Re: Succubus - Alliance  Reply
Date: 12.04.07 03:42:27 PM

Sorry, Knut...  no idea. 

Name: Knutfugget
Subject: Succubus - Alliance  Reply
Date: 11.28.07 09:23:35 PM

Ok. So according to Goblin Workshop, I am supposed to be offered a quest to receive Succubus from Gakin the Darkbinder in Stormwind. It used to work, but now I am attempting to get her and he has no quest for me AT ALL. It was supposed to be given at level 20 and I am now 2 bars off of 29, still no dice. If you have an Alliance Warlock, I would like to know if you got Succubus, when and how it was accomplished.

Name: Jodi
Subject: Re: Mini Game Day?  Reply
Date: 11.21.07 07:52:10 PM

I can try to get George to come, I don't know if he will be able to or not

Name: Knutfugget
Subject: Mini Game Day?  Reply
Date: 11.21.07 07:47:35 PM

My little sister, Katie, is coming to Utah (for the first time!) from December 14th until Christmas!

She has never attended a LAN party before. I think it would be fun to try to get a small group together on the 15th (a Saturday, like usual) so she can get the Game Day experience. I realize it's close to Christmas which is why I say "small group". Are any of you available for a short time on that day? Even just a half-day of games would be really neat...

Please let me know soon so we can try to plan something. If no one else can come, Me, Ty and Jodi can still play games with her.

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