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Name: Alvin
Subject: Re: Tired  Reply
Date: 04.15.08 10:15:23 AM

Is today the day or do you have a lot of extensions to do after the due date?

Name: Ogrepete
Subject: Tired  Reply
Date: 04.10.08 04:36:01 PM

I just want you all to know that I'm tired. 

That is all.

Name: Alvin
Subject: Re: Chris is having a Baby!  Reply
Date: 04.10.08 03:27:14 PM

Awsome. another newbie.

Name: Ogrepete
Subject: Chris is having a Baby!  Reply
Date: 04.02.08 10:59:36 AM

Well, okay, Megan, Chris' wife is the one having the baby. 

Apparently, it is a boy (Chris and Megan have two girls right now) and is due in August.  He gave me a link to the ultrasound video, during which the kid sucks his thumb and sticks out his tongue!  Unfortunately, I can't remember the video link.  I'll have to dig it out of my messenger log, if it's still there.

Congrats to Chris and Megan!

Name: Alvin
Subject: Re: Re: Re: WoW  Reply
Date: 03.22.08 11:52:38 AM

not just Saturday..

only day I am not usually there is Sunday.

Name: Ogrepete
Subject: Re: Re: WoW  Reply
Date: 03.20.08 09:09:12 AM

Alvin, are you saying you are usually on WoW on Saturday evenings?

I am aiming to schedule something special, something we could invite everyone to do with us, something we can't do with just 3 or 4 people.

Name: Alvin
Subject: Re: WoW  Reply
Date: 03.19.08 06:21:56 PM

Chris and I are usually on together. msg me when someone is getting in. we can do something.

Name: Ogrepete
Subject: WoW  Reply
Date: 03.19.08 05:51:15 PM

Anyone want to schedule a RAID/group dungeon crawl sometime soon?  I could take a couple of hours off on a Saturday evening and do some damage with some friends.

Name: Knut
Subject: Re: WoW Weapon masters  Reply
Date: 03.19.08 02:49:55 PM


I would bet the one in Ironforge taught it to you since the dwarves are the ones that are supposed to use guns.

- Knut

Name: Ogrepete
Subject: Re: WoW Weapon masters  Reply
Date: 03.19.08 10:36:49 AM

Hey, Alvin.

I was just thinking that was kind of unusual that Retnuh can use a gun, since Leaf (my own Night Elf Hunter) does not have the ability to use a gun.  At least I can't remember that he does.  It certainly isn't a big deal, just one of those things you notice as you're playing.

I turned off the computer that night and then hit the sack.  I was so, so, so, so stinking tired!

Name: Alvin
Subject: WoW Weapon masters  Reply
Date: 03.19.08 09:29:47 AM

WoW Weapon masters

Woo Ping in Stormwind

Bixi Wobblebonk in Ironforge

Ilyenia Moonfire in Darnassas

this is how Retnuh has the ability to use a gun, not sure which one I got the ability from.
if you need help locating them let me know. they each train different stuff. anyone know of more?

Name: Ogrepete
Subject: Re: Re: Obama's Pastor  Reply
Date: 03.19.08 09:28:27 AM

AFAIK, Knut, you haven't gone in front of 6,000 people week after week, mixing hatred of people based on their skin color, hatred of our nation and its leaders, etc. with Christianity.  On the other hand, Reverend Wright has done this for 20 freaking years with Obama sitting in the congregation. 

I'd say this shows Obama's lack of good judgment as well as Reverend Wright's blatant and ignorant bigotry. 

On the other hand, I, myself, have had plenty of lapses of good judgment; is this a case of (
excuse the phrase, please) the pot calling the kettle black?  I would answer that with a resounding NO!  If I can't point out the bad judgment of someone else just because I'm not perfect, we may as well all hang it up and just wait for the world to end.  Citizens who strive to do what is right and who are willing to criticize our leaders who they believe are in the wrong are the backbone of a strong Republic.

Name: Knut
Subject: Re: Obama's Pastor  Reply
Date: 03.19.08 12:06:06 AM

The pastor definitely has a lot of issues. I've seen the video pretty much daily on CNN. But, just for the record Pete, you don't have to agree with everything someone says/thinks in order to associate with them. That should be very obvious considering that you and I are often polar opposites on lots of things. And yet, somehow, I still enjoy your company.

Obama has already addressed the public saying that he doesn't agree with the statements his pastor made, etc etc. It's pretty funny how this campaign is becoming more and more about what people's friends/associates think than the candidates themselves.

In the last couple weeks, there's been all sorts of news on Hilary Clinton's fund raising woman, and someone on McCain's team, making racial remarks. Every time it ends with that person being fired (claiming to resign, but come on!) from the campaign, but the news keeps harping on about it. I really think they're just out of stories to report on.

I'd like to hear more about the candidates and their opinions myself. Also getting really "old" in the news, all this Spitzer resigning crap. Yes, he's a dirt ball, but why do we have to keep hearing the same old stuff over and over? I really don't care for the details of what he did with the prostitute but all the news stations are eager to get the details and report them to the public. I think that's kind of sick...

Name: Ogrepete
Subject: Obama's Pastor  Reply
Date: 03.18.08 09:52:03 AM

You've probably seen the video collage put together by ABC News on Barack Obama's pastor for the past 20 years, Reverend Wright. 

The Reverend seems to take hate to a new level in the clip I have seen.  Why his church would sell video of sermons that contained those sort of things is just more evidence that they see nothing wrong with the hateful attitude.  I have no idea what Barack Obama said in his speech on "Race in America" (my title for his speech), but simply put, hating whites, Jews, the USA, wealthy people, US conduct during World War 2, etc. has NO PLACE in our country. 

That this Reverend Wright could be so popular in Chicago with his message (part Christian, part Hate) is very disconcerting.  That this Reverend Wright has been so close to a man who could win the Presidency of the United States of America this year is downright scary.

Name: Ogrepete
Subject: Re: Re: Politics  Reply
Date: 03.15.08 09:13:57 AM

Nice story you linked to, Knut.  I've begun wondering what this "do-over" would teach us.  Perhaps it will teach us all to break the rules, 'cause then we'll get a do-over...

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